Full Body Rose Bath

Full Body Rose Bath
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You may know rose bath in spa. There you get a full bath. Here you can get the same goodness at your home by using the same ingredients as a body spread. Rose flour is an excellent refreshing and glow giving natural ingredient in beauty therapy. See the special mixing in this full body rose bath.

Prepare full body rose bath

Take one cup of fresh rose petals and two cups coconut milk in a mixer grinder. Mash well and blend milk and the petals. Here you get a loose mix and you are ready for a full body rose bath.

Take a full body rose bath

Shower the full body and apply rose bath all over the face, neck and body with your hands. Remember to give a round massage everywhere. Stay there for 5-10 min. by moving hands on the body. Then go for a full bath in the shower.

This full body rose bath gives a refreshing scented bath feeling and makes your skin smooth and fresh. You can make this bathing a spa experience by lighting aroma candles inside the bath room and off course a light music will add some difference. Wish you good moments.