Dry Hair and Oily Scalp

Dry Hair and Oily Scalp

Most of you may had come across such multiple hair and head condition. If you treat oiliness it may create dryness. When try to avoid dryness it may create oiliness. Most of the time it is a very difficult situation to cope with. I receive several emails asking a perfect remedy for this.

Here you have to understand some basic things regarding hair and scalp. When you try to remove the oil condition of scalp and wash with shampoo very frequently, it is seen giving an adverse result. Why? It is a natural tendency of skin including scalp that when you wash more the oil glands under the skin may try to produce more oil. If it is the fact then what will an amicable solution? Avoid excessive washing with shampoo. Understand that shampooing is not the solution to face this situation. Then what is recommendable in this situation? Let us see this at the end part of this story.

Next let us think about extreme dryness. If the hair and scalp give dryness, naturally you may try to oil the hair. Nothing wrong. But before going for a head oil treatment consider this- did you have this dry hair problem long before? And did it produce dry flakes on the scalp. Is this situation because of excess shampooing? All these questions should be asked before deciding a solution. If there is flakes on the scalp and it is in excess, then oiling may cause dandruff. When you oil on the flaky scalp it may cause infection on the scalp. This may give itching on the scalp. In this situation you have to check that is there any dandruff or is this just a flaky scalp? Sometimes the flakes on the scalp may get confused as dandruff. Then dandruff treatment or dandruff shampoos may worsen the situation. If you find that that you have dandruff with excessive flakes then you have to use some mild dandruff shampoo or herbal products, keeping in mind that it is not causing any more dryness. After solving the dandruff you can treat the dryness by oiling. Here I recommend to go for any homemade hair packs. Definitely it will not produce more dryness or oiliness.

Whenever you face with the multiple condition of dry hair and oily scalp it is very difficult to treat it with a store bought product. Here you have to consider the situation very intelligently. To remove the dryness of hair if you put oil, gradually the oil from hair will be transferred to the scalp. If you try to solve the oily scalp by shampooing that will cause dryness on hair. Here you have to select a solution to give a medium remedy on both condition. Here comes the help as homemade or natural remedy. Here is a simple logic to face the situation. Avoid excess oil and excess washing. I am suggesting a mixture treatment of oil and orange pack.

Hair pack for oily scalp and dry hair

This treatment consists of two parts, oiling and orange massage. As you have dry hair you have to consider this first. So do a simple and light hot oil massage on the hair ONLY. And, take care to avoid two inches of hair from the scalp side. It is to avoid spreading the oil to the scalp. Only light oiling may do. Spread your favorite hair oil all over the hair. If the oil is warm that is very good. Do not put oil on the scalp. Wait for five min.

Now scalp treatment starts. Cut an orange into two halves. Try to remove the superficial seeds by pressing. Then rub the orange on scalp thoroughly. After applying the orange all over the scalp, start rubbing the scalp with fingers. Here you have to take care that your finger nails are not scratching the scalp skin. Just do gentle massage for three min. Then wait for 20 min. Then wash hair and scalp with water. Do not use any shampoo.

This you have do once in three days. While continuing this treatment for a week or two, you can apply a suitable hair pack once in a week. Avoid tomato or strawberries in the pack. Do and avocado hair pack. This homemade remedy can help you treating the multiple condition. After solving the problem through this one-course treatment you have to manage your head and hair cleverly. That means all your continued product usages have to solve the multiple condition. When you select shampoos and when you do hot oil treatment do this mildly. It is very recommended to apply suitable hair packs instead of shampooing and oiling. This can give a permanent solution by permanent and clever treating hair accordingly.