Pimples Cure Home Remedy

Pimples Cure Home Remedy

Pimples gives the worst situation to the teenagers regarding their skin care. Pimples give a bad look to the face when it is more. Not only the bad look but the pimples give a bad texture after the pimple has gone. In some cases it produces holes on the facial skin. This causes mental worry to teens. Lots of products are available in the market that claim sudden cure. But most of the time the experience from the store brought products are not that much favorable. Not only that sometimes it gives side effects. It causes skin damage etc. At this point of time it is quite natural to think about a sure home remedy for pimple cure. As it is natural there will be no side effects. Here is a natural home remedy using neem leaves and tulsi leaves.

Neem leaf

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It is highly medicinal. This is used for several skin problems. Here we need few fresh leaves. Take five or ten leaves depending on the purpose.

Tulsi leaf

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Tulsi is also used for several skin disorders. Here we need 5 leaves.

Preparation of Pimples cure home remedy
Neem and tulsi leaves we require in the proportion of 1:2. If you take 10 tulsi leaves then take 5 neem leaves. Here you take 6 tulsi leaves and 3 neem leaves. Make a paste by adding few drops of water. You can mash the leaves using small hand grinder.

Wash the face well with water. Wipe the excess water from the face. Apply the paste, ONLY on the pimple area. Apply thickly on the pimples. There may be some burning feel but don't worry. Leave it for 10-15 min. and wash it off. The main ingredient here is the neem leaf. So if you do not feel any discomfort with the neem leaf then next day you increase the number of neem leaves used. But if you feel discomfort then you have to take less number of neem leaves on the next day. Do this daily for five days consecutively and then repeat it once in three or four days till the pimples disappear. This pimples cure home remedy is safe and effective.