Dark skin on the back

Darkish Back
A darkish patch is seen on the back of the body. This is a very big problem to ladies especially those who wear blouse. The main reason may be sun exposure. Not only that sometimes it is seen on ladies who are not out going. The dark shade also is seen around the neck. These are minute things but it may take out the total beauty of body and face.

Here is a natural solution to the darkish back. This treatment requires consistent try to avoid this completely. the first step in this is to apply coconut oil on the back. You can use your favorite oil, if you prefer. But coconut oil has a rejuvenating effect. Massage well on the back till the oil gets applied thoroughly. Then powder/grind almond (badam). Mix it with half the quantity of sandalwood powder. Then add milk and make a paste. Pour few drops of lemon juice on to it. Apply this almond pack on the back. Application of this pack should be given in round movements. Leave the pack for about ten to fifteen min. Then wash it off. You can see gradual but visible result even in the first try. Repeat it daily till you see the full result.

Dark lips
Dark lips may be a minute but disturbing problem. This may be due to various reasons. the face may be fair. But if the lips are dark the total fairness may be affected. Do not worry. You can solve this by a simple remedy. Mix equal quantity of coconut oil and almond oil and apply on lips. Applying it for few weeks may solve the problem. You can do this any time at your convenience. But remember to leave it for about ten min. minimum.

Dark shade on the side of nose.
This may be due to the use of spectacles. No problem. Apply a mix of coconut oil and almond oil on the affected area to remove this black mark. After 30 min. wipe it off with a wet cotton ball. Do it for few weeks.

Pores on the face
Try this very simple remedy to diminish the appearance of open pores. Mix three tsp. tomato pulp and one tsp. of multani mitti (clay) and apply it on the affected areas for few weeks. This will reduce the appearance of open pores.

Blackhead removal
There are other manual ways to remove blackheads. Here is a natural method to remove blackheads very simply. Mix mint leaf paste and white camphor and apply on the affected area only. After 10-15 min. wipe off with a wet cotton ball by pressing gently. This may give itching or burning sensation for those who have very sensitive skin. So take care.