Dry skin to a fresh look

Dry skin to a fresh look

Yours may be a combination skin. But sometimes it may become dry and looses its freshness. Or your skin is dry in nature. For both the cases here is an instant remedy to make the dryness of skin to a fresh and new look. I do not remember whether I wrote this tip before. Anyway I am going to reveal the secret (nothing secret after I reveal).

The dryness may be caused by climatic conditions or the food you eat etc. If you correct the food habits it can be checked gradually. Here I suggest an instant solution with very common food items as ingredients. The main ingredients are oats, milk, sugar and tomato paste.


At first make thick tomato paste. We require two tbsp. of tomato paste. Take three tsp. (or as required) of oats powder. Add two tsp. milk powder and one tsp. sugar powder. Mix everything and make a paste by adding water. Finally add the tomato paste and mix well.


Wash the face with water. Apply the pack all over the face and neck. Wait for 10-15 min. Do not allow the pack to become dry on the face. then wash it off. If your face is extremely dry then apply lightly any oil before applying this pack. Repeat it twice in a week. During this time drink fruit juices. Avoid acidic juices like lemon.