Hibiscus Hair Pack

Hibiscus Hair Pack

You have seen how to make hibiscus hair shampoo. But whenever you think to use hibiscus shampoo, fresh hibiscus leaves should be available and you need time to get the leaves and prepare it. So the hibiscus hair pack is the remedy for all these hustles. Whenever you want you can apply the hibiscus hair pack.

How to prepare hibiscus hair pack
As a first step to make hibiscus hair pack collect the leaves of hibiscus as much you can. Keep the leaves on the sun for one or two days. When it is completely dry put it in mixer-grinder and powder it. This powder you can use it whenever you want to prepare hibiscus hair pack. One thing I have to mention that the hibiscus flower powder is available in the market to add to the hibiscus hair pack.

At the time of using, take 1/2 cup of hibiscus leaf powder. Mix with 5tsp. of amla powder and 2tsp. of shikakai powder. Then add water and mix well to get a paste. This is the hibiscus hair pack. This herbal pack will work as a shampoo and a super conditioner. It will give extra shine and make hair color too dark. If you apply this hibiscus hair pack at least once in a week you can avoid the formation of dandruff and reduce hair loss. Eventually this pack will help hair growth.

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How to apply hibiscus hair pack
Before applying pack apply your favorite oil on hair. If your hair is too dry apply generously. Massage the scalp. Then apply the hibiscus hair pack all over hair. You know how to apply. Apply from the roots to tips, strands by strands. After applying on each strand twist it and make it like a bun. Similarly add all strands upon this made bun. Wait for 15-20 min. Then rinse hair wash it off all the pack. One more thing if you want to use henna powder you can add that also. It will give a reddish tint to hair. But consider hibiscus powder as main ingredient for this hibiscus hair pack. Do not make the paste and try to keep it in fridge. Use it instantly when you make the paste. I am sure you will enjoy this hibiscus hair pack well.