Fairness Facial

Fairness Facial

I hope that I have presented all most all necessary homemade beauty tips for you. That includes natural scrubs, facial at home, different face packs, hair packs, skin peel, skin tightening, skin fairness packs, hair dandruff, hair growth, acne/pimples etc. If you have come to this site with any specific enquiry, certainly you have to use the search box to find your necessary tips in this site. Even if it is so, still, there are lots of new areas to conquer. By keeping this in mind I will try to explore new ideas in newer ways to help you in your specific needs. See here a new idea of giving you an instant and super beauty facial idea. Please try this out and I am sure you will be happy from this facial at home.

Fairness and polishing facial

Ingredients: Cabbage leaves 3 or 4
                    Oats powder 3 tsp.
                    Full cream milk powder 2 tsp.
                    Lemon juice 2 drops

Get three fresh green leaves of cabbage. Put in a mixer bowl and add 3 tsp. oat meal. Grind these by adding a little water. On the way add 2 or 3 tsp. milk powder. Grind well and get a smooth paste. If you are with extreme oily face then only add few drops of fresh lemon juice. And if you are whitish color then you can get extra complexion by adding 1pinch of original turmeric powder. Mix everything well.

Now wash your face. If you have dirt on the skin then clean with any cleanser. You can use fresh milk on a cotton ball to clean face. Then take a little of facial pack and rub or massage on the face. Give round and light massage. Take the pack little by little and do round massage all over the face and neck. Continue this for 4 min. Then wipe the face with wet tissue. Now you can apply it once again as a pack. Allow the pack on the face for 5 min. then wash face with cold water. Tissue dry the facial skin.

This facial at home gives an instant fairness and also can make your face fairer by using it for five days alternatively. This gives the result of a natural polishing and fairness facial.