Pigmentation Facial

Facial for pigmentation at home
This facial at home helps to remove pigmentation and tan gradually. This facial consists of two steps. One is using oats as a scrub to remove pigmentation. The second one is doing facial for removing tan. Both this procedure give a glowing face by repeating for three or five times.

Oats and sugar for pigmentation

Take three tsp. oat meal and grind it lightly. Also grind sugar to get a medium powder. Add 2 tsp. sugar to oats powder. Add a little water to make it wet. If you have oily skin add few drops of lemon juice also. Now clean face and do light massage with oats sugar scrub. Give a round massage all over the face. After finishing massage, apply this mix as a pack. Wait for five min. and wipe the face with wet tissue.

Potato and turmeric for tan

Mash one boiled potato and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix this well by adding milk on to it to get a loose paste. Take a little of this on your fingers and move fingers all over the face to give a light massage. After doing this apply the mix all over the face. Wait for 10 min. and then wash face with cold water. Tissue dry face.

This combination facial can give very good result for pigmentation and tan. You have to repeat it twice or thrice a week for three weeks minimum. During this process avoid direct sunlight between 11am to 4 pm. This pigmentation facial can be done even if you do not have pigmentation, because it will prevent pigmentation on future.