Chemically Treated Haircare

Processed Haircare

When you use hair color, perms and relaxer, the chemicals contained in these products alter the characteristics of hair shaft. This may cause the hair strands to break. In most of the cases the hair tips happen to split apart. The final condition of hair may be you get a frizzy hair. Most importantly the hair may look dull by making the surface of hair strands mat finish or less shiny.

Care for processed hair has to be taken very seriously. Because of the application of strong chemicals, the normal condition of hair might have changed. You hair was oily, but now it may be like combination hair. Most probably by the application of chemicals the tips of the hair and shafts may become more dry than the roots. So you have to treat your hair as a combination hair.

How to use shampoo on a chemically treated hair
If your hair is colored, choose an appropriate shampoo specially designed for colored hair. This shampoo may be more gentle and can protect the color. For a permed or relaxed hair choose moisturizing shampoo. Apply shampoo only on the roots and rub it well. Pour splash of water onto the root. The shampoo will run towards the shaft and give a gentle massage on the shaft to cleanse there. Then rinse the whole hair.

Using conditioner
The conditioner is mainly needed for the tips of hair. Use a rich conditioner. Apply the conditioner mainly on the tips. And gently and lightly apply the conditioner very little towards the shaft. Do not use it on the roots. Rinse well.

Dry your hair naturally. Do not use hair dryer that may make your hair dry. Do not rub vigorously with towel. This can create tangles. Do not wash a processed hair very frequently. On the same time take care to minimize the oily roots. Avoid over sun exposure of hair. Sometimes dry flakes may appear on the scalp. It is not dandruff. It is due to the over dryness there, because the shampoo may be too strong or due to the action of the strong chemicals from hair processing. If the tips are split apart, do trimming the split ends.

To rejuvenate and recondition your damaged hair, instead of using store bought products, you can go for natural and home made hair packs.

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