Hair pack for damaged hair

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Hair pack for damaged hair

Due to so many reasons your hair may get damaged. Because of careless treatment hair can get damaged. By the use of hair products containing hard chemicals can create problems. In this situation you have to think about going natural. By following natural and homemade technique you can rejuvenate your hair, but remember you must be patient to get the full result.

Here I am suggesting Avocado hair pack. Avocado is a well known natural hair conditioner. It can be used as face pack also. Here to make a hair pack you only need a fully ripe avocado and olive oil.

How to prepare hair pack for damaged hair

Mash the avocado well in a bowl. You can use mixer if you want. For one avocado add two tsp. olive oil. Mix well. If you don't want olive oil, yes you can add your favorite oil.

How to apply hair pack for damaged hair

Comb hair well and do partition in the middle. Then apply the pack all over the hair and try to roll around on the back. Put a hair cap and allow 25-30 min to stay.

Then wash hair with normal water and rinse out the pack well. The very first day application can show you the difference in your hair. But do it twice monthly. If you can do hot oil treatment on alternate with this can help your hair recover fast.

If the hair is too much damaged then add 1 egg also to it. If you want to avoid the sticky nature of the pack then add 2-3 drops of lemon juice. And remember to avoid all other chemical products to get the full result.