Natural Hair Tonic


There is a hair tonic hidden at the root of each hair. Scalp glands are always secreting oil at the roots. This oil gives gloss to the hair and an amazing amount of softness is ensured. But because of our ignorance we let this grease dry at the roots of hair and do not let it spread. Brushing is useful in spreading this nourishing grease all over the hair, that helps in blood circulation and strengthens the roots of the hair.

The correct method to brush your hair is to bend yourself down from the waist, draw your hair down and brush from the back of the scalp to downwards. This ensures a fast circulation of blood in the scalp. Brushing should start from the forward part, then backward part and then the side. Slow brushing keeps the greasiness of hair intact.

If already oily hair are brushed with quick movements or for longer duration, the oil glands get activated and start secreting more oil. Moreover, if you have weak, thin and very soft hair, brush slowly.

If your hairs are too oily, stick a piece of cotton wool in the bristles of your brush, extra grease will be removed.