Eye Care Tips

Eye care through exercises to eyes

1. A simple and easy exercise can be done by closing and opening your eyes. Try to close the eyelids tightly and then wide open it. Repeate it for ten times in the morning.

2. Move or rotate eyeballs to the left and right for twenty times. Close your eyes during this exercise.

3. Look into a distant object for two minutes and focus to another object closer to you for another two minutes. repeat it for ten minutes.

4. Look upwards and downwards is good exercise. Look maximum upwards for two min. and look downwards for two min. Repeat it for ten min.

5. Finally, rinsing eyes with cold water is a good step. Take cold water in a bowl. Bend on it and dip eyes on the water. Move and rotate eyeballs by opening eyelids. this will wash off the dust particle in the eyes.