Natural Homemade Hair Conditioner

Home made hair conditioner recipe

2tsp castor oil
1tsp vineger
1tsp glycerin

instruction for use:
mix all theses together, beat well and massage the root of your hair with it. It is much beneficial to take steam after massage.

hair conditioner with honey. Take one egg, add 1tsp of honey and two tsp of olive oil or coconut oil to it mix it thoroughly and use on your hair.

hair tonic
add 2 tsp of henna in a two glasses of boiling water. Wash your hair with it.

If you wash your hair with a mixture of 1 tsp of vineger and two glasses of water, the roots of your hair will be strengthened. Hair become lustrous if you wash it with a mixture of pure water and lemon juice in a ratio 8:1.

Hair spray
1tsp pure gum
8tsp water
1tsp alcohol
1/2 tsp glycerin

Grind gum and mix it with water. Now add alcohol and glycerin to it. Close the lid of the bottle and shake it vigorously. Then allow the mixture to remain as such for twenty-four hours. It will become thick.

Hair setting lotion
1tsp castor oil
1tsp coconut oil
1tsp vaseline or petroleum jelly
1tsp emulsifying wax
a few drops of scent

melt all the above on a medium heat. Remove it from flame. Add scent and stir. When it gets cold the lotion will be ready for use