Basic hair care

Hair care part 1

We should know a few facts about hair to help us to take care of our hair and understand what treatment we should give to different kinds of hair.

The shaft of hair which we see has no blood vessels or nerves.It simply sits there waiting to be fed. It is fed from beneath from a sort of a little sack called follicle and down inside of this the recipient begins to grow nurtured by the same source of nourishment that keeps your skin and finger nails strong.

The growth and condition of the hair is also affected by the sebaceous glands under the scalp. They decide weather your hair will be dry, oily or normal. The condition of your scalp and opening of the pores will make good or poor growing conditions for a fine crop of hair.

Under normal condition your hair should grow at a rate between 0-1 inch each month. A hair strand is porous and can absorb and hold colorings and conditioners. The visible hair is built like a singled roof with overlapping section of cells. But these scale like cells have marvelous protection power. Hair can be subjected to many external influences such as permanent weaving, setting extreme heat and cold, dying and tinting lotion so it needs assistance to retain the status.