Natural homemade splitends remedy

Splitends control at home

Sometimes for many reasons the tip or ends of your hair may get split into. Why splitends on your hair? Because of harsh shampoos, damage due to direct sun, hair dryer, flat ironing too much, hair dyes, bleaching and not giving proper care to your hair.

If you already have split hair do a slight trim and do the following homemade tips to avoid further splits. Remember to keep hair healthy and treat it with great care.

If your hair is so dry and have splitends try these tips
If your hair is damaged and have splitends, try this hair moisturizing tip
For total rejuvenation of your hair to avoid splitends try natural hair pack or mask

Natural homemade ways to control splitends

Honey and olive oil is a good remedy for split ends. Mix 1 tsp of honey to 5 tsp. olive oil. Then add 1 egg yolk(if you do not like the smell of egg, then avoid egg). Apply this thoroughly on hair and scalp and massage well. Wrap hair with a hot towel. Do it for 20 min. Then rinse and shampoo well.

Avocado oil also can be applied to avoid splitends. Apply avocado oil on scalp and hair. Put hot towel. After 30 min. take a bath and shampoo well.