Homemade Hair Removal

Hair removal at home

There are so many methods to remove hair from eyebrows, facial skin, hands or legs. Waxing is a method widely used. You can buy wax from stores. But if you prefer homemade hair removal here is the help. The homemade hair removal is safe and it won't make your skin dry or rough. All you need is learn how to do it. Mostly homemade hair removal methods take time and effort. Here the method I explain here is a simple homemade hair removal tactic. You will become an expert in homemade hair removal with two or three tries.

Homemade face hair removal-how to prepare.

All you need:
Sugar - 5tsp.
Lemon - 1
Honey - 1tsp.
Glycerin - 1tsp.

Preparation of homemade wax is simple. Squeeze the juice of one lemon. Add the lemon juice to 5tsp. sugar in a pot. Heat it in a low flame. The sugar starts to melt. When it becomes light brown switch off flame and add honey and stir well. Then add glycerin.

Homemade hair removal - how to do
You need to buy waxing strips. Or use cotton pieces for it. Keep the wax warm. Then using flat wooden or metallic knife to spread the wax on legs or hands. When you do this on face take care to spread wax very thin and spread in small portions. Move the knife towards the direction of hair- from top to tip. Then immediately put the wax strip on the area and press lightly. Peel the wax strip out towards the opposite direction of hair-from tip to upwards. Do a sudden pull. Take care to do peeling very gently. Do this allover the area. If hair is not removed completely repeat it on that area only. Do not repeat more that two times at a stretch. And if the thickness of wax you are spreading should not be less or more. Spread it evenly. Homemade hair removal is simple.

After finishing waxing clean the skin to remove excess wax. Glycerin and honey added in this homemade hair removal wax moisturizes skin. If your skin feels extra dry, apply any moisturizer or oil to the skin. Take care of sun burn by going out in the sun after waxing. This homemade hair removal is as good as a saloon waxing.