Brahmi Hair Growth Pack

Homemade hair growth pack
with Brahmi powder

Yesterday I was remembering about my teen age days when we used to visit our backyard fields to collect one particular green leaves called Brahmi. My grandma prepare a special mix for our hair. This brahmi hair growth pack, she prepared for us, was on our midsummer holidays. Actually we enjoyed those days with grandma's care. Those days we were very enthusiastic about our hair length. It helped our hair to grow long as a natural treatment to hair loss also.

Brahmi Hair Growth Pack
There are so many type of brahmi, but I am talking about the brahmi with botanical name Centella asiatica. This is the local herb found in watery fields. Brahmi is very useful in hair growth. It enhance the total hair health. It darkens hair and gives body to hair. By increasing the total hair health it helps avoid hair loss, hair thinning and dandruff. This has got medicinal value in Ayurveda. It is a known memory enhancer.


The powder of brahmi leaves are available in Ayurveda stores or online. By mixing brahmi powder with amla powder you can make brahmi hair growth pack at home.

brahmi powder - 5to 10 tsp.
amla powder - 3 tsp.
natural henna powder - 1 cup

Mix the ingredients by adding water and make a paste. Before applying this brahmi hair growth pack on hair apply some oil. Use coconut oil or olive oil according to your choice. Then apply the pack all over hair and scalp. Wait for half an hour. Natural henna powder may give a light brownish tint on hair. Wash it off with water. If you have more hair increase the quantity of ingredients. Apply this brahmi hair growth pack once in a week.