Hair oil with Coconut Milk

Recipe for Hair oil with Coconut Milk

Today I am giving you a very special hair oil recipe. It was widely used to help hair growth in Kerala. This hair oil with coconut milk is having a very tactical kind of preparation. In early times this was prepared by specially trained persons who make all kind of Ayurvedic preparations. In my home grand mother used to prepare hair oil with coconut milk and it was the oil we applied on hair. At that time my hair was also lustrous and healthy. Now as the time passing very fast even I cannot find a situation to prepare this hair oil with coconut milk.

The first challenge in preparing this hair oil is finding the best type of coconut. The coconut we select should be fully ripe and dried. In this condition the water content in the coconut will be almost removed. And we can get more oil from that. Why we select the ripe coconut is that we can keep this prepared hair oil for long time. This hair oil with coconut milk helps hair to grow well and can avoid unnecessary hair loss. Definitely we can forget about the problem of dandruff etc.

How to prepare hair oil with coconut milk

Coconut oil- 1 cup
Coconut milk- 1 cup
Brahmi powder- 5tsp.
Aloe vera- 2tsp.
Tulsi leaf paste- 1tsp.

You know how to prepare coconut milk. Grate coconut and using a mixer/grinder crush it. Then squeeze the milk. Brahmi powder you can buy. Use fresh aloe vera. Squeeze the inner crux or you can use with the skin but cut into small pieces. If you have tulsi leaves make it a paste or buy tulsi powder.

Mix brahmi powder, aloe vera and tulsi paste. Add coconut milk and mix well. Now add coconut oil and mix together. Start to heat it in low flame. Stir with a long spoon. When the fumes starts to come add few grains of rice or fenugreek or corn and see it pops up. This is the proper time to switch off the flame. Take care to not getting the contents too dark or do not allow to burn. When it cools down sieve it and pour into a suitable glass bottle or ceramic container.

You can apply this hair oil with coconut milk once in a week basis. First loosen your hair, take out all the knots with fingers moving from top to ends. Spread well all the strands. Apply the hair oil all over hair and scalp. Give a thorough massage. Special attention for doing rubbing on scalp in a rounded motion. Do not scratch with finger nails. No need to apply excess oil, keep an average quantity to apply. Wait for half an hour. Then take bath. If you want wash out excess oil by washing hair with green gram flour.

If you are applying oil for the first time, apply this hair oil with coconut milk very little at the first time. Then repeat it after three days. Similarly do it three times minimum. Then only your hair and scalp will become used to the new product. First time application may cause a temporary hair loss. Don't worry, continue applying.

(Note:The professional way of making this hair oil is a little different. In that no need to use coconut oil. By heating the coconut milk it will produce coconut oil from that. For that we require more coconut milk. This I am telling is for an information purpose.)
posted by: Geetha