Homemade Tulsi Hair oil

Tulsi Hair Oil Recipe

Yes we can make hair oil with tulsi leaves. The benefits of tulsi through hot oil treatment. Tulsi can help to avoid bumps on the scalp. It is used for itchy scalp. Some people may have hot scalp, sweaty scalp or scalp with hot boils. In these cases homemade tulsi hair oil will help you.

Tulsi leaves with coconut oil are the ingredients to make this hair oil. Fresh leaves of tulsi are good. But if fresh leaf is not available you can use tulsi powder. But I do not know how the quality will be. Get one or two bunches of tulsi leaves. That should make 10 tsp. of tulsi paste. Chop the leaves and put it in a mixer and crush it. Transfer the content from the mixer to a heating bowl. Add 1/2 cup coconut oil. Mix well and start to heat in a low flame. When fumes starts to come just add few grains of corn or fenugreek. When the grains pops up switch off the flame. Allow the oil to cool. Then sieve the oil into a proper container.

When you want to use this homemade tulsi hair oil, just warm it and apply on entire hair. Give simple massage on the scalp. After 25 min. you can take bath. If you have extreme dry hair do this twice in a week. Or apply this homemade tulsi hair oil once in a week.
posted by: Geetha