Homemade Anti Wrinkle Pack

Homemade anti wrinkle pack

Here you get homemade anti wrinkle pack. This pack helps to prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles from very beginning. You know there are so many natural remedies that can be used at home. Here I am suggesting potato as anti wrinkle pack. Raw potato can be used for wrinkles and pigmentation. It is a very good treatment for dark eye circles and eye puffiness.

Potato anti wrinkle pack

We need one fresh potato. Select the best one without any dark spots. Peel it off and grate it. This grated potato can be placed around eyes for dark circles or eye puffiness. Keep a little of this grated potato if you want. Put the grated potato in mixer to make it a paste. This paste can be used as anti wrinkle pack.

Wash your face in cold water in the morning. Apply the pack on the face and wait for half an hour. Even if you do not have any wrinkles you can use this anti wrinkle pack. You get an evenly textured and complexioned skin color. Your face skin becomes smooth. If you have any color difference due to sun etc, it can be solved using this pack.

After 30 min. wash the pack with again cold water. You put the grated potato around the eyes to remove dark circles. Try to use this anti wrinkle pack daily in the morning till you get result. and after that do it once in a week.

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anti wrinkle pack