Carrot Apple Juice Recipe

Carrot Apple Juice Recipe

You all know about carrot juice benefits. Here I am only emphasizing it because it helps skin beauty if taken regularly. In my earlier post I explained how you can use carrot to make face mask. This mask gives amazing result. But in my experience drinking carrot juice gives immediate results in the next day.

How to make Carrot Apple Juice at home

ingredients: 1/2 kg fresh carrot, 2 apples and 1tsp lemon juice. Salt or sugar if you like.

Cut carrot and apple into small pieces. Put it in a mixer/grinder and mash to get crushed well. Add little water if needed. Sieve it to squeeze the juice. Add sugar and salt. Put crushed ice to serve chilled.

I know you all know how to make this. The thing is that drinking carrot juice is really effective for those who give importance to skin care. This will make your skin smooth, clear and supple. So I am happy to suggest you carrot apple juice.