Natural, homemade beauty tips
Welcome to all visitors. Yes it is a good idea to try some natural and homemade methods for your beauty care.
This site provides you natural tips to improve your beauty. Some of these tips can be homemade. I would like to say it as 'at home' beauty tip.
In beauty tips, here you get skin care, hair care and nail care. In these days people look back to natural remedies. It is economical and most of them are with no side effects. Only problem exists is availability of ingredients worldwide. I will try to provide information about the availability as better as possible. At least I can provide links to such products.
The ingredients mentioned in most of the tips are herbs and it is found very effective and safe..Why?
By nature human beings are 'herbivores'. That means their food is herbs not other animals. Because the intestine of herbivores are very long. The herbs we eat will take more time to digest. In the other hand, 'carnivores' that eats mainly meat does not require long intestine. So physiologically we are fit to eat herbs only. But in modern times we eat less vegetables. So naturally we lack so many things that may get from these herbs. That is why we are affected by illness and other problems. So most of our problems can easily be solved by herbs. By default the herbs are with less side effects and it is so safe.
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