Beautiful Hands Fingers

Beautiful Hands and Fingers

Treat your hands and fingers with great care. The result will be beautiful hands and fingers. Homemade techniques are so simple and so pampering. Give one day for your hands and pamper them. Here I am sharing how you can spend few hours with your hands and give love to them. This way you can have beautiful hands and fingers.

Think that this a holiday for you. Be free from all other activities. Make sure that you will get few hours undisturbed. Say goodbye to phone for these time. Put on enough lights. Play some slow music. ( I am a fan of lounge music) Arrange two medium bowls and one plastic bowl. We need one fresh lemon, one cooked potato, almond oil, oats powder, sugar and coconut oil.

Get two cotton socks. Wet it in cold water. Wear this socks on both hands. Give sometime to listen to music or engage in some other things. After 10 or 20 minutes remove the socks and wash your hands. Now take 2-3 glasses of water in the plastic bowl. Add two or three spoons of lemon juice to it. Dip your hands in it and play making waves. Now a few minutes passed. Take your hands out and tissue dry it. Then take the small bowl. Add two or three tsp. coconut oil, 1 tsp. sugar and 1 tsp. oats powder. Mix well. Apply this on your hands and do a slight rubbing in circular motion. Massage each finger and press it. This will form shapes to fingers. Rubbing will exfoliate the dead skin. Do it for few min. At this time if you want you can clean your nail and cuticles with tools. Then wash your hands and blot hand with towel tissue. Now in another bowl smash the cooked potato. Add two spoons almond oil. Apply this pack on both hands. Leave it like that for another ten min.

Then rinse off hands in cold water and dry it with soft tissue. Feel the smoothness and light smell and get beautiful hands. Do pampering hands twice in a month minimum to get beautiful hands and fingers.