Papaya Facial Tips

Facial at home with papaya

Papaya or Pineapple facial for a beautiful skin
These fruits are known to be good to fight free radicals and it reduces age spots. Papaya facial will cleanse the skin and give an instant fresh look. It is also used to remove dead cells. If you do a facial massage with these fruits will give an effect of a salon facial.

How to do papaya facial ( facial means 'a facial massage')
I won't recommend raw papaya, use half ripe, because some variety have milk on the green skin and flesh of papaya. That may give burning sensation to skin. So take a half ripe or full ripe papaya and mash a little of it. Instead of papaya you can use ripe pineapple also. Apply this paste on wet face. Giving a light massage is good. Leave it for 10 or 15 min. Then wipe it using a facial tissue. Then wash with mild cold water. Papaya facial once in week keep you fresh.