Bio lifting for skin

Bio lifting for facial skin

This is done to people above the age of 40 years. Bio lifting is done to remove wrinkles from facial skin. This when done each muscle should be lifted up. For people between 40- 50 years this bio lifting for skin should be given in 2 or 3 weeks . For people above 50 this should be given once a week. For this facial ice and astringent are not used because they are more drying and the person gets more wrinkles.

Bio lifting steps:

Clean the face with cleansing milk, wipe it off.

Apply cream, do circular movements up wards.

Take ice cold water and dip a soft cloth in it.

Fold the napkin into 4 folds. Do jerky movements on the sides and on the neck up wards on the sides and on the neck up wards. Hold the cloth ends and jerk up on the cheek.

Repeat the same on the other cheek also for 5 min.

Jerk movement on the forehead also for 5 min.

Apply honey all over the face and neck and put till it half dries when you start feeling the pull.

Apply white of an egg all over the honey applied portion with circular movement.

Apply pack with white of an egg, milk powder, 2 drops of almond or olive oil.

Wash everything off after 25 min.

This natural method of bio lifting for skin is very effective and no harm in doing it.