Ginger Lime Juice

Ginger Lime Juice for indigestion

While focusing on beauty, health also to be considered. Here I am putting a mild drink, Ginger Lime Juice. When you have minor digestive problems you can use this drink. Or if you feel discomfort in the stomach this ginger lime juice is a good choice. It can remove the gas formation in the stomach. What else, in the morning if you feel last day's dinner was heavy, so consider this ginger lime juice. In India fresh ginger is used in meat preparations. Dried ginger root can be used to make black coffee in winter to get a soothing effect for the throat. Yes may be you can buy bottled ginger lime but why not you try naturally. Yeh, here is how.

Ginger Lime Juice

Crush fresh ginger and squeeze the juice.Take half lemon and get the juice, add one glass of water and add 1 tsp. ginger juice. Add sugar for taste.

If you have colds avoid ice. Definitely this ginger lime juice will give relaxation to the stomach.

If you have severe stomach problem due to indigestion it is good to take ginger juice concentrate. For that put ginger root and few tsp. water in a small bowl and crush the ginger with the back side of a spoon. Sieve the juice and add a little sugar if you want. Drink the concentrate.
Warning:I won't recommend this ginger concentrate for all. If you are not used to this take care, sometimes it may give a burning sensation inside stomach. The Ginger Lime Juice is good for all.