Dry Skin

Dry skin control

If you have dry skin give care to get back to normal skin. The problem with dry skin is that it may show the signs of early aging and leads to wrinkles. Dry skin tends to loose moisture level. Dehydrated skin attracts UV rays from Sun and gets sun damage easily.

Those who have dry skin take care not to use products containing alcohol or soap that may make skin dry. Choose products that contain humectants and emolients.

Here I can suggest Avocado face mask to avoid dry skin. You all know avocado is natural moisturizer. It is highly recommendable to dry skin. It can also be used on dry hair and it will acts as a good deep conditioner.

Avocado mask for dry skinavocado

Get half of a ripe avocado and mash it. Add 3 tsp. honey to it and mix it to prepare a paste. Clean your face with water and apply this paste. Wait for 15 -20 min. and wash it off with water.

This makes your skin moisturized and brings the natural shine. Skin looks more fresh and beautiful. This can be done at least once in a week. I am sure this recipe is one of the best for dry skin.