Acidity-Herbal Remedy

Herbal Remedies for Acidity

Few years back I had the troubles of acidity. At that time I did not care for that. After few months I noticed the texture of my skin slowly changes. So after that I noticed in some of my clients the skin is so rough even when they are doing weekly facials etc. When I checked with them whether they have acidity, the answer was 'yes'. What I am telling is even though we are taking care of our skin sometimes it may not work well. So check for acidity or other stomach disorders. By taking care of the acidity we can acquire a surplus amount of skin beauty. Here today I am talking about
Acidity-herbal remedy.

Here are simple easy to follow tips to avoid acidity naturally. The best thing I found was eating fresh gooseberry(amla). Or make a juice of Indian gooseberry(amla juice). The powder of Indian gooseberry(amla powder) is available. Pour one or two tsp. of amla powder in a glass of water and drink daily. It is very effective in removing acidity and the problems of ulcer. Amla juice is a number one acidity herbal remedy.

Drinking papaya juice is another Acidity herbal remedy. Make a juice with papaya, orange, lime juice and honey. Drink in the morning time everyday. It will help us to say bye bye to acidity. Cucumber juice also is so beneficial to treat acidity. Or include cucumber in green salads. Try to eat all fiber vegetables and fruits for that matter. Water melon juice is also a good choice as acidity herbal remedy. Eating banana or drinking banana juice also helps to avoid acidity. By following these acidity herbal remedy you can improve the skin beauty.