Effectiveness of home beauty tips

Effectiveness of homemade beauty tips

How effective are the homemade natural beauty tips? Sometimes some of you may have this question in your mind. Good. You should know how effective these homemade beauty tips are. What is the difference between other store bought products. Is there any side effects of using these tips.

In my experience the results of homemade beauty tips vary in different persons. Just like some food items may not be suitable for some type of body or person. Similarly the natural packs or masks will give different levels of results. Some items in certain skins should be applied in a specific way. For example hibiscus shampoo. It is 100% natural and we all know it is human friendly plant. But in certain type of hair it will give dry hair. Why? What to do to avoid such condition. Just change the way to applying hibiscus shampoo. Those who have extreme dry hair or those who have very thin hair, apply a little oil on hair and then apply hibiscus shampoo. In this case do not rub very much. Just applying hibiscus as a pack is more result giving technique. And also to get a significant result you must apply in particular intervals. Some hair it requires only a weekly application. In some other type of hair you need daily application for first few days and then a weekly application will do. Then how you know this prior to the application of such homemade methods. An experienced natural homeamde beautician can guide you after studying your skin type or hair type. But it still requires a trial to get the exact methods. Nothing to worry. First of all you must be patient to try it out and test it. Try varriuos methods and find out your own way of applying the packs or doing homeamde facials etc. No harm in trying.

When you apply an acne pack sometimes that will make your skin dry. That is natural. At that time apply it on the acne area only. If it makes your face dry apply some moisturizer after few days. Similarly all the homemade beauty tips have its own specialties. Some people after applying few times they will discard trying it. The main thing to remember is the result may be delayed and a specific visible results can be get after consistent application. Because it does not contain any instant chemicals or such things. Naturally it will become effective gradually.

Other doubt comes in your mind is about side effects. I cannot claim that there is no side effects in using these natural homemade beauty tips. If we eat improper food in a wrong time or situation it may cause problems. Similarly these tips may cause some irritation or discomfort in some cases. But it won't be fatal or harmful.

In my posts I used to give some promises based on my experience. That may include my own experience and sometimes I get experience from my clients. And it all from Indian type of skin or hair. The result of some specific tips may not be that much effective in other areas of world. Still there are enormous reports getting about the best results from all parts of the world. In these homemade beauty tips mostly we re using fruits or vegetables. It is tested as a food. In another post about precautions using homemade beauty tips I explained how you should take a basic care.

If you have any specific skin conditions or skin problems please consult your family doctor before using any homemade tips. I always used to tell in this case just apply the tips on the inner wrist and see there is no irritation or allergy.

These are all my simple thoughts for today that may benefit to you. Good day.