Homemade Natural Tips

Hi friends

Already I posted a lot of homemade natural beauty tips. Here are some hand picked tips at a glance. For an emergency you can refer these tips on what to do with things in your home. Actually there are lots of stuffs in our kitchen that can be used as a medicine or beauty remedies. But at an instant we forget all these stuffs in the kitchen.

For example, milk. We do drink milk or make tea with it. How many of you know that it is a good cleanser. Raw milk without heating can be used to cleanse our skin. It has got a nourishing property also. When you take milk in the morning just spare few teaspoons of milk for your skin beauty. Dip cotton balls in the milk and rub over the face in a circular motion. Your skin get cleansed and it becomes smooth. Do it daily for a week and see the difference. Mix milk and carrot and make a paste, carrot face pack is highly rec commended to get a glowing skin.

Acne or pimple is a major concern for teens. Most of the cases it is due to oily skin. Mixing curd and chick pea powder and applying on face is a good remedy for avoiding pimples. When applying this you may feel dry face for that days, no problem after the pimple has gone take care of your skin for dryness.

Potato has many faces of usage in increasing your skin beauty. Just apply a paste of boiled or raw potato. Skin will get a cleansed look. Moreover skin becomes glowing. Apply potato paste around eyes to remove eye puffiness or dark circles. Mix lemon juice and potato paste and apply on face to remove dark spots on face.

Applying grated cucumber (cooled) around the eyes will remove dark circles. If you are tired and worked in computer for hours you may feel tired and your eyes feel heavy. Then apply this. You can make a relaxing pack with cucumber. Grate cucumber and mix lemon juice to get the relaxing face pack.

Tomato is said to be a good toner. In my experience it can cleanse your face and tone also. Apply tomato juice or crushed tomato on face with a cotton ball. Your skin will get an effect of clean up facial. Do a light massage in a circular motion. Or apply it on face for 10 min. then massage. Then wash it off.

Lemon juice is a good natural bleach. It may tuns your skin dry. To get an instant bleach, round up the skin with lemon juice using a cotton ball. Mixing milk cream and a few drops of lemon juice is very good to remove black marks on face.

Pimples are very common in all types of skin. In my knowledge there a lot of natural remedies to cure acnes or pimples. Make a paste of Tulsi leaves and salad cucumber. Apply this paste on face to remove acne or pimple. This will not make your skin dry. If you have oily skin and have a tendency to get pimples then apply this pack as a precaution to avoid pimple formation.

Ripe papaya paste is a very good pack to apply on face. It has got a light bleaching effect and this will give a vibrant look for your face. Apply papaya facial pack once in a week. It is very good remedy to avoid pimples.

Do you know the magical effect of turmeric powder. It can be used to remove pimples in various forms. Make a paste of curry leaves, guava leaves and a pinch of turmeric powder. It can be used to avoid pimples. Otherwise also it is a very good face pack.----posted by: Geetha