Homemade hairloss treatment with Curry Leaves

Hairloss treatment with curry leaves

Hairloss can be cured with homemade tips using leaves of Curry Tree. Homemade hairloss treatment explained here is simple and if you are facing mild hairloss it surely help you. The ingredient used is the leaves of Curry Tree. This leaf is used to add flavor to the various preparations in Indian kitchen. This will be available in all Indian vegetable shops or in supermarkets.

curry leavesThe studies says it is very good in hair care. This help in healthy hair growth. It can control hair loss thus helping hair growth.

How this homemade hairloss treatment is done?
Put some curry leaves in any oil ( coconut oil or olive etc.) and heat the oil gently. See the leaves changing color. When it becomes dark or black stop boiling. Please take care not the leaves burned too much. Allow the oil to cool and massage your scalp and hair with this oil. Wait for 20 min. and wash it off. If you do not want the oil stay, then you can use shampoo.

If you have hair loss do this homemade hairloss treatment daily for few days. Or other wise do this once in a week for a faster hair growth. I hope this homemade hairloss treatment may help you to solve your problem.