Anti Aging Face Mask

Anti-Aging Face MaskAnti-Aging Face Mask
Anti-Wrinkle Face Pack

As we age actually we won't notice that at the beginning. When it becomes so visible we start to worry. My suggestion is those who are above 35 years should include some anti-aging routines in their skin care. Here I am suggesting a homemade anti-aging face mask. This will helps to remove wrinkles from skin.

Apple Pear anti aging face mask

Pear- 1/2
Apple- 1/2
grapes- 3
Lemon juice or butter milk- 1tsp.
Egg white- 1

Take half of a full ripe pear, cut into small pieces. Apple you can use red or green apple. Green apple is better. This also make into pieces. Add 3 seedless grapes. Mix these ingredients well in a mixer/grinder. For those with oily skin, add 1tsp. lemon juice Or for dry skin add 1tsp. of butter milk(or loose curd). Now you can add egg white of an egg. this will help in tightening the wrinkles or loose skin. Mix all the ingredients well and get a thick paste. Anti-aging face mask is ready.

Wash and clean your face with normal cold water. Then apply this pack evenly all over the face. Wait for 10-15 min. Do not allow the pack to get dry on the face. Wash it off with cold water.

Apply this anti-aging face mask once in a week. This will stop the formation of wrinkles and removes the wrinkles if any.
Description posted by: Geetha