Homemade Hair oils

Homemade recipes for hair oils.

In this section I would like to talk about hair oils. You all know that oiling is very good for hair.We can use any oils according to our choice. But just know all the cooking oils cannot be used on hair. If we used to a particular oil for hair and if we change to another oil, our hair and scalp will not accept the new oil immediately. But if we apply that oil for few times it becomes suitable. My personal opinion is stick to one suitable oil because changing oils may cause temporary hair loss etc.

There are so many ways we can prepare homemade hair oils to use in our hair. All the different recipes for hair oils are for making the oil suitable to apply on hair. Moreover it can help the total health of hair and hair growth.

The first thing is to select or find out a suitable oil to prepare homemade hair oil. I know coconut oil is very simple. Definitely I can recommend to others. It is very simple and light oil. But some may not like the natural smell of virgin coconut oil. For them I recommend purified coconut oil. In Europe and U.S people use olive oil. Ground nut oil, castor oil, gingelly oil or even sun flower oil also have been used in many places. But for people with oily skin and hair they don't bother about applying oils and it is OK.

The second step is to make the oil hot. You can apply oils without heating. But hot oil is better. Because by heating we can avoid certain difficulties by putting oil directly. If the oil is a little old and by heating the oil we can make the oil perfect for applying on hair.

How long we have to heat oil? Not to boil, only heat it. In Kerala and other states of India there is a method following to heat the oil. Heat the oil in low flame, then the fumes start to come watch it and add few grains of paddy or corn. When the grains pop up switch off the flame. That is the heating level. Do not allow the grains to burn darker.

And there are lots of local plant leafs added to the oil. But that plants are not available now. Today I am giving you a homemade hair oil recipe with curry leaves. Curry leaves are known to treat dandruff and it can reduce hair loss. That way it can help hair growth.

Coconut oil+ curry leaves recipe
Here we see how to use curry leaves to prepare homemade hair oil. The way I explains here you can prepare the oil and keep it for a long term use, say two or three weeks. No need to keep in refrigerator.

A simple method to prepare hair oil is as I said above heat the oil and add few curry leaves onto it. Before getting the curry leaves too dark switch off the flame. This is the simplest method for lazy ladies. But there is another method to prepare hair oil and it will give more positive results to hair.

First of all take one or two bunches of curry leaf. Remove the leaves one by one. Clean it with water and let it air dry. Make sure there is no water content on the leaves. Grind the leaves into paste. Let it be two tea spoon of curry leaf paste. Then pour half cup of oil, preferably coconut oil into a boiling pan or pot. Start to heat the oil in a low flame. After two min. add the curry leaf paste into the oil. After some time when the oil gets heated we could see fumes coming from the oil. Watch when the green color of the paste starts to become dark just switch off the flame. Allow the oil to cool. Then sieve the oil and pour it into a glass bottle. Homemade hair oil is ready.

When you want to use the oil just take enough oil into a heating pan and heat it. Just heat it minimum enough to apply on hair. Do not apply oil if it is too hot. Apply through out your hair from top to end. Massage the scalp and hair well. Wait for 10-15 min. and take bath.

This is the local very old form of homemade hair oil recipe. You can definitely rely on it. And do not forget the fact that when you starts to follow a new method your hair and scalp may reject it. But do not worry. If repeatedly apply the oil it will become suitable for you.
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