Homemade Cleansing Face Pack

Cleansing Face Pack/Mask

Homemade Cleansing Face PackToday I am introducing a cleansing face mask. It will cleanse, tones and finally tightens the skin. Also it will give fresh luminous glow on your face. During summer our skin may look dull. Here is a best combination of ingredients to suit the climate. Other time also you can use this cleansing face pack.

Ingredients to make cleansing face pack:

Cabbage- Two 0r three leaves of cabbage. Cabbage will help to tighten the wrinkled skin if any. It can give a white fresh skin.

Tomato- One ripe tomato. It is a natural toner. But it can also cleans the skin normally. (If you are with extreme oily skin add few drops of lemon juice also.)

Carrot- One or two clean carrot. This also helps to get a soft and fresh skin. It cools down the skin that results in a fresh look and rosy color.

Mango peel- One piece of mango with the skin. Normally we can use mango itself to rub on the skin to do a home facial.

How to prepare the cleansing face pack-mask
Cut carrot into small pieces. Using a mixer/grinder grind it well. Then cut cabbage leaves into pieces and put it into the mixer. Grind carrot and cabbage together. Then add tomato and mango. Mix well to get a pack.

How to apply cleansing face pack
If you want wash your face and apply the pack. For best results follow this: After washing face massage the face skin with the above paste. Take some of this pack and do a facial massage with fingers. When you do this in circular motion that will cleanse the skin. After doing this for one min. pat with water and wash. Repeat the above step for 5-10 min. Then apply the face pack all over the face and neck. Leave it for 15 min. Then wash it off with cool water.

After applying cleansing face pack please avoid harsh sun light. You can apply some moisturizer or sunscreen.
Descriptionposted by: Geetha