Sun Tan Face Pack

Homemade face pack sun tan

Sun tan should be cared when it is appeared. Do not take it carelessly. Then it will be difficult to remove the tan. Remedies should be taken immediately. Sometimes sun tan will appear because of one day sun exposure. Or it may develop due to continuous sun exposure. Any how it must be treated immediately. After getting sun tan you may be thinking of how to get rid of this sun tan.Here is homemade sun tan face pack for an easy cure. It can be applied if you think there is a chance of getting tan. It can also be used after you noticed a tan on your face. It is a very good natural remedy for sun tan.

How to prepare sun tan face pack
Black gram- 10 tsp.
tomato paste- 2 tsp.
curd- 2 tsp.

Black gram you can use with or without outer skin. Take the required quantity. Make it a paste. Add 2 tsp. tomato juice or paste. Then mix it well by adding 2tsp. curd. Make a loose paste. Pour this onto a heating pan and heat it in a low flame. Do not over heat just heat it for 3, 4, min. Then allow it to cool.

How to apply sun tan face pack
Wash your face. Cleanse face with a cleanser or you can use tomato juice to cleanse. Then apply this sun tan facial pack all over the face. Apply thoroughly on the affected area. Wait for 15-20 min. Do not allow it to dry on your face. Then wash it off with cold water.

Apply this sun tan face pack (sun tan remedy) daily to get instant result. Avoid going out in the sun for these days. And avoid applying bleach or other strong chemically prepared products. If you are going out avoid sun exposure or use sun screen lotion or cream. During this time drinking carrot juice or orange juice is good. Continue applying this sun tan face pack till the tan disappears. If you think that there is chance to get sun tan gain, then apply this face pack once in a week. This is natural remedy to escape from sun tan.

How to prevent sun tan?
Avoid over sun exposure. Use sun screen lotions or other protectants. Better way is to use umbrella. Avoid sun especially during mid day.