Aging Skin Care

Aging Skin Care

Because of various reasons, including aging, skin starts to show sign of maturing. Sun damage, smoking, over stress, medicinal use etc can cause aging to skin. Skin losses its elasticity by the decline of surface collagen. This reduces natural glow of skin. Other symptoms are forming fine lines or open pores. If proper care is given you can slow them down.

Cleansing is not a complete care step for an aging or maturing skin. Still it can help to remove dirt and keep skin clean. Select very suitable cleanser that contains AHA/BHA. This helps in removing and replacing dead cells. Open pores can be reduced due to the alha/beta acids. If yo use this type of cleanser then there is no need for a toner. Once in a week use a face pack or mask that can remove dead cells. Use homemade skin tightening face mask.

Skin may look dry. So moisturizing is very important. If you can keep skin moisturized and can avoid loosing oil from skin is good. So choose a moisturizer with cream and that can attract moisture to skin. Use twice every day. This will check forming fine line and wrinkles. Or use homemade face mask to compete dryness. Apply moisturizer or mask all over face and also on neck. When you go out, always remember to use sunscreen. Either you can select a moisturizer with sun screen or use separate sunscreen lotion.

Protective Facial for aging skin
Cleansing. Apply a milky cleanser all over face with your finger. Give a soft round massage with fingers. After this wipe it off using a cotton ball. Do round move upwards.

Massaging. Massage on wet face. Use round upward motion all over the face. Tap every spot with an inch difference. This can improve circulation on that area. Tap around eye area and give outward strokes.

Exfoliation. Use an exfoliating mask. If you use peel off mask then select one with hydrating quality. Or use cucumber face pack/mask. Splash cold water several times.

Using vitamin cream is beneficial here. Finally use moisturizer. If you have extremely dry skin, then apply a thick coat of moisturizer. Then wait for 10 min. and wipe the excess moisturizer using a cotton ball.

Give importance in using moisturizer always. Rich creamy moisturizer can help you. Take special care to the eye area and try to avoid everything that creates dark circles. Use multivitamin tabs as required. Eat enough fruits.

Natural scrub

Skin Tightening mask

Anti-aging face mask