Dandruff remedy

A beautiful hair adds extra beauty to a beautiful face. So hair care is very important. General hair care is unavoidable and a daily routine should be accepted for the long term care of hair. But sometimes there are many circumstances that insist for extra care for hair. It may be because of several hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, untimely white hair etc. Out of different problems the dandruff is a main villain. Dandruff may lead to many other problems like hair fall, retarded hair growth, acne on forehead etc.

Dandruff is a main problem among teen age groups. Once formed it is very difficult to avoid  dandruff permanently. Even if it is curable there are chances to reappear dandruff. There are more chances of getting dandruff for those with dry scalp. First time the dandruff appears as dry flakes on the scalp.

Main reasons for getting dandruff
The main reason for dandruff is the absence of proper hair care. The diet also is an important factor in this. Using shampoo with high chemical also constitute for dandruff. The absence of moisture content leads to dryness and it causes dandruff. Over use of hair dye, hair spray and hair gel etc. also leads to dandruff.

There are lots of anti dandruff shampoos available in the market. But most of the anti dandruff shampoos make the hair more try while it tries to over wash the hair. So select shampoo according to your skin type. Also remember to keep the hair in normal condition, that means hair is not too dry or too oily.

There are lots of natural herbal treatments to cure dandruff. This can be done at your home. Fenugreek is a number one remedy for dandruff. Mix water in the fenugreek powder and make a paste. Apply this on scalp and hair. Keep it for 20 min and wash it off. Do it daily for one week and repeat it once in a week. This can cure dandruff.

A paste of brahmi powder is also a best treatment for dandruff. Brahmi powder is available in beauty stores (Indian). After treating dandruff with brahmi powder it is good to use brahmi hair oil. This can help in hair growth.

Applying amla (Indian Gooseberry) paste also is very good for dandruff. Amla powder is also available in the market. Or you can buy fresh amla and dry it and powder it. Or use fresh goose berry by grinding it. Repeated use of this can cure dandruff.

Make a mix of amla, shikakai and reetha powder and add water to make a paste. apply this on hair. This is also a very good hair cleanser and conditioner.

After treating dandruff, you have to take extra care to avoid the chances of reappearing dandruff. The main thing you have to do is proper hair care. Do not allow to get extreme dry or oily condition to hair. Always keep it normal. Adopt daily and weekly hair care routine. Select hair product very carefully. Avoid over use of products with high chemicals. Eating fresh leafy vegetable and fruits helps not only for scalp but also for entire skin.