Quick Skin Care Tips

Homemade Skin Care Tips

To remove black spots (not moles) on face, mix neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves paste, honey and red sandal powder and make it a paste. This is very good for black patchy spots. Do it daily for few days.

For pimples: Make a paste of salad cucumber and apply on face. this will give you clean fresh look. This will absorb excess oil. This is very good for removing pimples and black spots.

Grind cardamom seeds and mix with milk cream. This removes the blackish patches and spots from face.

Make paste out of tulsi leaves and red sandal and apply to remove marks and acne scars.

Applying papaya paste on face can remove pimples. Select ripe papaya.

Applying a mix of glycerin and honey gives glowing skin. This also helps to remove marks from the skin by continued application.

A paste of curry leaves and turmeric powder is very effective for removing pimples.

A paste of mint leaves and guava leaves can remove pimples.

Grind almond seeds and rose petals and add milk. Apply this on face to remove black heads and acne.

Make a paste of red onion (small) and apply on the pimples. wash it off after 20 min. to remove pimples.

Mix orange peel paste and rose water. Apply this on face to avoid pimples.

Cut an orange into two. Take one half and drop few drops of honey onto it. Rub it on face and wait for 15 min. This is good for getting glowing face.

Make a paste of sandal powder and turmeric powder. Apply this on face to get a good complexion.