General Hair Care Tips

Hair Care

A healthy hair is depended mainly on a healthy diet, good exercise and proper care. Head hair is located underneath of  scalp skin. Hair is produced from the hair follicles. The necessary protein for hair growth is supplied through blood circulation in the scalp area. Here we can understand that the food we eat also decides hair growth. Pertinacious food helps the hair growth. Fish, meat, milk, butter and food grains contains protein. Fresh fruits also help in this. Also eat green leafy vegetables that can increase the iron content in the blood. The iron in the blood can stimulate oxygenation in the body.

If your hair is too dry you have to oil once in a week. But do not keep hair so oily. If the hair is oily then you have to shampoo once n a week. Always take care to keep hair not too oily or too dry. Hair must be in a medium or combination level. Normally the oil glands under the scalp can produce the required oil. There is no need to put oil externally. But sometimes the oil glands may work up normally. It may produce excess oil or it may not produce enough oil. In this condition you have to mange it by adjusting your diet. But if the oil production is not becoming normal then you have to go for shampooing or oil massage.

Another main and important matter I have to mention is about over shampooing. If the hair and scalp is extremely oily then there will be a tendency to wash hair very frequently. This is not a proper method. If you wash away total oil by over shampooing then the oil glands on the scalp may try to produce more oil. As you wash more the glands tends to produce more oil. Do not over wash, that will not solve the problem. First of all try to solve the problem by food control. Next use mild shampoos that only reduce the oil very little. Do not use any shampoo that may make hair very dry. Instead of using shampoo you can try a suitable homemade hair pack.

Another important thing is over oiling. If your hair is too dry there will be tendency to oil hair. Oiling is good but do not put more oil. It may produce dandruff. If you are in a habit of oil the hair once in a week that is good. You can put enough oil on hair and scalp. After half an hour remove the excess oil by using a suitable shampoo. If you don't like shampoo again homemade hair packs are good.

For a healthy scalp and hair it is highly advisable to do a head massage, with oil or without, once in a week at least. That will increase the blood circulation in scalp area.

Chick pea powder or green gram powder can be used to wash hair. Apply oil before using this. Hibiscus leaves can be used as shampoo and conditioner.