Quick Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

I had already wrote a lot about hair care, hair loss, dandruff etc. Still there are lots of information, especially about home remedies, for you. Here I am mentioning some instant and quick remedies. For detailed information you can search in this site (using search box).

After using shampoo, add three tsp. lemon juice and one tsp. vinegar in one cup of water. You can take more water if you want but keep the ratio. Wash hair with this. This will give a conditioning effect to hair. Not only that, it makes hair shiny.

Take three cups of water and five fresh goose berry (amla). It is better to cut goose berry into pieces. Boil the water for few min. Cool it and wash hair with this. this will give a shiny and dark hair.

Make four tsp. of curry leaf paste and add curd. Mix well and apply on the scalp. Wash it off after 25 min. This will make hair dark and this can help in avoiding untimely white hair. If you see any tendency for gray hair then make this a habit to use it once in a week.

You can buy amla powder from the market. Select genuine brand. Mix five tsp. amla powder and enough curd to make a paste. Apply this on scalp and hair. This is a good conditioner and it helps the hair growth.

Mix henna powder and amla powder. By adding tea water make it a loose paste. Apply this on scalp and hair. This is very good conditioner. This helps in hair growth. More over henna gives reddish tint to gray hair.

Mix one tbsp. lemon juice and five tbsp. coconut milk. Apply this on scalp and wait for half an hour. When it becomes dry wash it off. Do this once in a week. This will help in hair loss.

Here is a very effective treatment for dandruff. Mix coconut oil and lemon juice. Warm it and apply on scalp. Massage scalp well for 20 min. Then wash hair using shikakai powder. This is very good for dandruff and hair fall.