Homemade Face Pack for Dry Skin

Homemade Face Packs for Dry Skin

Oh, do you have dry skin? Here you can see homemade face pack for dry skin. As time passes the natural glow of your skin starts decreasing and wrinkles starts appearing. In order to improve the skin, a homemade face mask can be used.

Homemade face pack with honey. Mix 1 tsp. of honey, 18-20 drops of carrot juice or orange juice, add either oatmeal powder or besan(chickpeas) powder to thicken it. Apply it on face and leave for 20 minutes and wash off. Definitely it will solve dry skin.

Homemade face mask with yeast. Add a small piece of yeast, a little olive or almond oil to the yolk of an egg. Mix well apply on face leave for 20 min. and wash off.

Homemade face pack with egg. Separate the yolk and white of an egg. Beat the yolk and apply on the face. When half dry apply beaten egg white. Leave it fully dry and then wash with warm water. This cleans and closes the pores and remove wrinkles.

Homemade face Mask with Egg and Almond oil. Mix egg yolk with few drops of almond oil. Spread the pack evenly about the thickness of a coin. When dry wash off. This will help dry skin.

Homemade face pack with Corn meal. Mix a little almond oil or olive oil in 2 tsp of corn meal. Apply on the face very gently, let it stay for 15 min and then wash. This is considered one of best remedies for dry skin.

Carrot face mask/packs. Mix 2 tsp of fresh finely grated carrot, 2 tsp of milk or 1 egg yolk. Mix well and add one tsp. of besan(chickpeas) to thicken, and apply on the face. Keep for 20 min and wash.

Note: Before applying any of these packs on face, test it inside your wrist. So you can make sure that you do not have any allergy to a particular product. Sometimes it may cause itching or irritation.
I hope that these homemade face pack may help you solve the problem.