Herbal Products with Amla

Amla or Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica, syn. Emblica officinalis) is a deciduous tree of the Euphorbiaceae family. It is known for its edible fruit of the same name. It is used in Ayurvedic medicines. Locally the crush of this fruit is used in hair treatment in India. Whatever hair treatment we make out of this Gooseberry is very effective in controlling hairloss and helping hair growth.

So many herbal products with amla are available in stores. The powder of amla is available and we can make hair pack using amla powder. Or simply make a paste of amla powder and apply on hair. Amla hair oil is produced out of amla. It can control dandruff formation and hair loss if used consistently. The fruit of amla if eaten raw is found good for acidity. Also drinking fresh amla juice is good treatment for acidity. If we drink a glass of water mixed with two spoons of amla powder is a good constipation remedy. So this process is believed to cleanse our internal parts of intestine. Because of this quality, a herbal product with amla is available as internal cleanser. Another herbal product with amla is shampoo. If produced with enough amount of amla and other ingredients it should work well as a herbal shampoo. Dried fruit of amla also available to buy. Herbal product with amla in tablet and capsule form I saw once. May be it is produced for those who hesitate to use amla in original form. It can be taken for acidity etc. I don't know how far it is effective. Below I am showing some examples of herbal products with amla for you to evaluate.