Homemade Skin Peel

Today we are going to look how skin peel can be achieved through natural and homemade methods. You know about chemical peel. Peeling of outer layers of skin using chemicals. It may give very good result. But it is harsh and there are chances of skin damage. The total result of this chemical peel is taking away the outer layer of skin and allow fresh cells to come out. This can be achieved mildly through homemade skin peel. The result is somewhat balanced- means getting a moderate result with no side effects of chemical peel.

When we use natural scrubs the outer dead cells are removed. When we do homemade skin peel the dead cells are removed as a layer. The total layer is removed and the results are more obvious. It will last longer.

How to make homemade skin peel
For this we need corn starch, egg white, turmeric powder and orange juice.


Cornstarch - 3 tsp.
Egg white - 1
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp.
Orange or carrot juice - 3 tsp.

By adding orange juice to cornstarch make it a thick paste. Then add egg white and mix well. Now add the turmeric powder. Finally get a thick paste. This is the homemade facial peel.

How to apply homemade skin peel.
Wash face with cold water. Tissue dry the face. Apply homemade skin peel on face like a film coating. Avoid around the eyes. Allow it to dry. But don't allow it go too dry. Then using your fingers try to roll out the skin facial peel portion by portion. Do it gently. Do not rub out. By giving a circular movement the skin peel content will come out with the outer layer of skin. (do not wash out) After rolling out all the facial skin peel wash face. Now pat your face with the juice. Or you can apply the orange content or carrot content you got after taking the juice as a pack.

Wait for ten min. and wash it off. For the next three days do not allow the skin get over exposed to sun. Use some cold creams only. You can do this homemade skin peel once or twice in month.