Precautions for Homemade Beauty Treatments

Things to remember while doing herbal homemade beauty treatments

In this site you see all natural homemade beauty treatments. So, those who are not familiar with Indian herbs may have doubts. You may think whether it have any side effects! Whether it needs any precaution for homemade beauty treatments! Even if it has no side effects there are some points to be noted as a precaution. Most of the ingredients I am suggesting in this sites for my beauty tips are used in cooking. But even foods are not accepted by all body types. Similarly herbal ingredients in homemade beauty treatment may not be accepted by all type of skins. When we treat sensitive skins or skins with allergic tendency we have to test the homemade pack or mask before applying.

For example, some people may produce irritation while applying pepper. In this case when we use items with pepper just test it by applying a small quantity on the inner wrist of hand. Wait for few minutes and make sure there is no irritation. This is the best precaution for this homemade beauty treatments.

While applying oils on hair or body. You may not using any oils before. Now everybody is aware of the benefits of applying oil. But if you apply oil for the first time it may not be accepted by your body well. When you apply oil on hair sometimes it may cause a sudden temporary hair loss. But do not stop oiling, after few try it will be ok. Remember to apply a little oil at first. And if you do not like the sticky feeling on hair after oiling you may use some mild shampoo. These are just some precautions for using homemade beauty treatments.

Sometimes when you apply oil on body or face you may not like the sticky nature of the oil. In this case you select thin oils or refined oil. Virgin oil is best but select refined. And refined coconut oil is very thin and do not leave much smell of the oil. But olive and almond oils are said to be very good oils. These oils may feel very thick, some people may not like it. Virgin and refined olive oil is available in the market. Once you get used to it you will feel nice to use oils and it become a part of your homemade beauty treatment.

In my personal experience, almond oil once I applied around my eyes to remove dark under eye circle due to sitting more time in front of computer. But it produced some discomfort for my head and eyes for few days. My skin is somewhat sensitive. But it won't be the case for everybody. So if you are applying almond oil or any other oil for first time apply a little and see.

When we use vegetables and fruits as ingredients give a little attention. Some fruits or vegetables we may not like or it won't suit our digestion. This is due to the acidic or alkaline nature of our body and ingredients. If your body is more acidic nature, your skin may show dryness. Then try to avoid ingredients with acidic nature or use very mild dose. For example while using lemon, orange etc. in your homemade beauty treatments, apply a minimum quantity in a small area.

Multani mitti (Fuller's earth) used as an ingredient in face masks. It is recommended for oily skins. If we use it in extremely dry skin it makes the skin more dry. We use green gram flour to wash body and hair. It also make dry skin more dry. But after oiling it can be used, it won't make skin more dry.

When you apply egg on skin or hair. It is noticed that some people may not like the nature and smell of egg. In this case use the egg white only. After applying it rinse well. Use soap or shampoo. Remember for rinsing use cold water not hot or warm water.

Another precaution for using homemade beauty treatments: While using carrot as ingredient. Or any vegetable or fruits for that matter give attention to use it. If you are grating carrot and think that you are keeping it on the fridge for latter use. Never ever keep carrot without refrigerating. Sometimes electricity failure, take care. It is same with the case of carrot juice. Reports have come it may cause serious health problems while drinking bottled carrot juice. Here in beauty care always try to use fresh ingredients.

These are some precautions for homemade beauty treatments to be noted. Latter I can add some more in another post. Good luck.