Homemade Shampoo

Home-made shampoo

Homemade shampoo can be made easily. This way you can avoid adding chemicals to scalp. And if you want, all the hair care can be done naturally. Thus can go all natural. This site helps to find your needs naturally. The homemade shampoo will be helpful for those who don't want to use chemicals, those with sensitive scalp or with extreme dry or oily scalp and hair.

ingredients for natural homemade shampoo:
50 grams soap nut (Aretha/Reetha)
50 gm dried amla
50 gm shikakai

(To buy shikakai , amla and reetha)

Grind all the above ingredients. (Or these ingredients available as powder) Boil them in two liters of clean water. When the mixture gets cold filter it and can be used.

How to apply this homemade shampoo
If you have very dry scalp and hair or you used shampoo recently, before applying this homemade shampoo, apply some oil on hair and scalp. Generally if you apply a little oil is adviceable. One more thing to remember- those who have rough or thick hair strands, reducing the quantity of amla powder to 25 gm is good. For the first time when apply this homemade shampoo, you may feel thick hair strands, so remember to dilute the shampoo.
While using this homemade shampoo please avoid using other shampoos or dyes.