Natural Homemade Tips to Dandruff

How to treat dandruff at home/Home made tips

Some homemade tips dandruff

homemade tips dandruff #1
Mix water and vinegar in 3:1 ratio and wash your hair and scalp with it. Then rinse head with water or take bath. Repeat it once in a week for at least three months.

homemade tips dandruff#2
While you do oil massage use almond oil. Wrap your head with a hot towel. Leave it like that for 30 min. Then wash it off. Repeat it for few days.

homemade tips dandruff#3
Mix two tsp. of vinegar and one tsp. of lemon juice. Use this to massage on the scalp. Wait for 20 min. Then rinse it off. Use mild shampoo if needed.

Use any of this homemade tips to dandruff.