Homemade Pack for Crows Feet

Homemade treatments/remedy for crows feet

The wrinkle forming at the outside corner of eyes are called crows feet. The reasons for crows feet may vary. But for many it gives worry. Here is a homemade pack for crows feet. It is said crows feet is caused by age, tension and worries. It can also be caused by dry skin on that area. If you can give care for dry skin and dead cells, it can reduce the appearance or remove crows feet.

Homemade face pack for crows feet
Cucumber or potato can be used to reduce crows feet. Before using this pack, just clean your face and wipe using a tissue. Mix honey and glycerin in equal quantity. Apply this mix on the lower side and at the outer corner of eyes. Wait for five minutes. Grate cucumber or potato (not paste). By closing your eyes put the grated cucumber over the eyes, around the eyes and the outer corner. Keep it like this for 30 min. Then wash with cold water. Apply this homemade pack for crows feet daily evening for at least one month.