Haircare for damaged hair

Hair becomes damaged due to various reasons. May be because of careless haircare. Sometimes due to excessive hair coloring. Or chlorine content on the pool may be the culprit. If your hair was dry for a long time hair becomes damaged. For any reasons you should give proper haircare.

Today we are discussing about homemade haircare for damaged hair. A damaged hair as a first stage goes dry. So first priority is to cure the dry hair. At home you can do a hot oil treatment. It is a good haircare method for dryness. Those who are not used to oiling can try it now. It makes your hair shiny, conditioned and live if used properly. Select a suitable oil, either olive oil, coconut oil or any other light cooking oil for that matter. If you are using it first, use it mildly on the first try. Sometimes you may not like the sticky nature of oil. Then use refined coconut oil. But unrefined is nutritious for hair. Olive oil oil is thicker but it is a good choice. So consider doing hot oil treatment at home weekly once for a proper haircare.

After applying oil wait for 15 min. Doing a light massage on scalp is good. Do not scratch, use the tip of fingers. Now it is the time to go for the haircare pack for the damaged hair. Here we are using a Orange Cucumber pack. Take an orange and cut half of it. No need to remove the outer skin. We need one small cucumber also. Cut the cucumber into small pieces. Put these two ingredients in a mixer and blend it well and make it a paste. Now add one egg white into it and mix well. If you want to avoid egg, is fine. And put 3tsp. of green gram flour and mix together. Yes the haircare pack for damaged hair is ready.

Now it is about 15-20 min. since you applied hot oil. Here you can apply this haircare pack on scalp and hair. Spread it throughout the entire hair. If you have more hair, you should have taken more quantity ingredients. Wrap your hair with a hot towel. Wait for another 15 min. Wash hair in normal water. Rinse well. See whether your hair feel sticky due to oil, no it may not be, because we used green gram flour. It will wash off excess oil. Or if you feel comfortable to use shampoo then use mild shampoo.

If your hair is severely damaged then try this haircare pack daily for one week and latter once in a week minimum. During this time do not use any hard shampoo. Avoid exposing hair to sever sun light. If you are going out use umbrella. Do avoid swimming in pools and sea. Also avoid highly acidic food. At this haircare period avoid hot ironing and hair drier. Do not try to color hair or do highlights. Avoid all sort of chemical applications. This special haircare pack is highly recommendable and it avoid splitends also.