All Natural Skin Care Recipes

All Natural Skin Care Recipes - for a beautiful skin

In this post I am talking about carrot facial mask which is an all natural skin care recipe. Carrot is mentioned in my other posts for dry skin, as facial and it is very good for combination skin. Here the recipe is slightly different and it is for overall skin beautification.

All natural skin care recipes-Ingredients:
1 carrot grated
5tsp. fresh milk
1tsp. fresh lemon juice

Take one juicy carrot. Grate the carrot well. Do not make a paste. Take the grated carrot in a small bowl. Add 5tsp. of fresh milk. Mix well with a spoon. Add 1tsp. of fresh lemon juice and mix well. After washing your face apply this as a pack on face. Keep it for 25 min. and then wash it off. You can see the glow on your face immediately. Repeating apply this will gives a very good result and it will increase the complexion and beauty of your facial skin. I hope you may try this all natural skin care recipes and add your comments below. Thank you and good luck.