Avocado Facial

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Below is a comment I received regarding avocado facial in this site's discussion forum. I thought it would be beneficial to all of you if I show that comment here. Because it is an actual query on how to use avocado facial for one specific skin type. I am writing these tips for a general category or for all of you. Still there will be variations to make either in the preparation or usage of the tip. After reading any tip if you can come up with your type of skin etc. I can give the exact methods to use each of the homemade tips.

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Hello Geeta

thanks for your site. I want to congratulate you for keeping all the posts wonderful. Readers can see the genuineness of your writing.

Out of all the tips, I want to try avocado for my hair and skin. Will you please give me a personalized method. Because my skin is medium sensitive and my hair is not dry or oily but little bit loosing it's health. So how can I use the avocado?

with love

Saranya is asking about avocado facial. In this occasion I wanted to tell another story about avocado facial. Earlier I explained how to use avocado for hair and skin. I used to give avocado facial to my clients coming to my beauty center. But this avocado is not very common or not cultivated locally. But still it is available in some fruit stalls in this city. Last week I bought this avocado to one of my clients. She usually insist to avocado facial. See now I received a question regarding how to use avocado facial.

The specialty of this avocado facial is that the sap contained in the outer layer of the fruit is having a mild bleaching capability. So it gives more clear appearance for the skin. But it cannot be used for lightening the skin color.

Like Saranya with sensitive skin the avocado facial is a good choice. The inside content of the avocado itself is very cool and what to say, watery or creamy. Very nice product. It is like suppota right. So it won't create any irritation or burning to sensitive skin. The avocado facial can be done to all type of skins. It can be used as a moisturizer.

For hair it is a mild conditioner plus moisturizer.Henna also is a conditioner but it will make the hair lil thick.(so it gives extra protection to damaged hair) And hibiscus leaves also a good hair conditioner+shampoo. It is milder than henna. Still this avocado is a more mild and gentle conditioner. If you don't want to use henna certainly go for this avocado. You have to use it for three or more times.

Avocado Facial
I used to give avocado facial like normal facial. After cleansing and toning(either normal products or natural), instead of using other creams I use this avocado fruit to do the massage.

How to prepare avocado facial
Take a fully ripe avocado. Cut into two halves. If it is full ripe you can squeeze out the inner content with a spoon or use mixer/grinder for few secs. Put the inner content to a bowl. Using the spoon mash it well. Now you can add your favorite oil. I prefer almond oil. Add only few drops of almond oil. Mix well. Avocado facial is ready to use. If you want, you can add other suitable ingredients also like a little milk powder or oats powder or grated cucumber etc.

How to do avocado facial.
After cleansing your face take the avocado facial thing a little in your hands. With finger tips apply this avocado facial to your face and give a light facial massage.Give a circular motion upwards. Repeat this by taking the avocado facial thing little by little. You can see your face is becoming more clear and watch the skin is becoming lighter. The content in the avocado gives moisturizing effects. After giving 15 min. avocado facial massage apply it as a pack. If it is loose add some milk powder to make it a thick pack. After another ten min, rinse off face with cold water. Then tissue dry. Repeat this avocado facial daily for three days and repeat it once in a week.